WCW Meaning

WCW Meaning – What Does WCW Mean?

WCW Meaning on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

You’ve likely seen it on the popular social media application Instagram, or possible on a website like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. It’s one of the most popular hashtags used this year, and has been used millions of times over the past few years. The hashtag WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday.

WCW means Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW Meaning - What does WCW mean?

Around 50 million photos on Instagram have the WCW hashtag.


Woman Crush Wednesday is a hashtag used on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook when users upload photos of women whom they have a ‘crush’ on. Users typically find their #WCW attractive or admirable in some way. Photos of celebrities such as Katy Perry or Mila Kunis are often uses for WCWs. Some users will use the tag in a joking fashion by uploading bad photos of their friends.

What does WCW mean? Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW Hashtag on Instagram

WCW Meaning is Woman Crush Wednesday

Another acronym & hashtag similar to WCW is MCM. MCM stands for Man Candy Monday, where users upload photos of men whom they admire or find attractive, rather than women.

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